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Our Roads

Hello, fellow road trippers and wanderers!

At New Wave RV Park, we understand that a smooth road and well-maintained gravel paths make all the difference in creating a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Join us on a quick tour of how we ensure that the roads and walkways at our park are always in top-notch condition.

Pothole-Free Adventures: Road Maintenance Done Right

Our commitment to your comfort begins with the roads. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that potholes are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to bumpy rides, and hello to smooth travels through our park.

Gravel, Gravel Everywhere – But Always Neat and Tidy

The crunch of gravel beneath your feet can be soothing, but no one...


Lundry Room Expands to Include a Game Room

Hello, fellow RV enthusiasts! We're thrilled to share some exciting news from New Wave RV Park. If you haven't heard, there are new sheriffs in town – James and Molly, passionate full-time RVers turned proud owners of this fantastic park.

One of the first things on our to-do list was to enhance the communal experience for our fellow travelers. And where better to start than the heart of the park, the laundry room? Yes, you heard that right – the laundry room has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a vibrant game room that's sure to bring a whole new level of joy to your stay.

The Vision Unveiled

From the beginning, we envisioned a space where residents could not onl...